Client Feedback

Hi! So you want to hire a cover artist. I understand the difficulty in choosing an artist. There are so many looming questions unanswered floating through your mind.

Will they fit my expectations? Will they listen to my needs and wants? Will they make my deadline? Will they help cross promote my book?

The good thing about hiring me is I can and will meet all those questions. I have been doing professional cover art for over seven years, yet I have been working in the art field much longer, with many varied clients. Now, in those seven years I have worked on one or more covers for the following authors and publishers.  Click here to see the ever-growing list!

The point is, in choosing me as your cover artist, you now have a lot of good references from my clients. So you can feel confident in my ability to give you the best cover possible for your book.

Please view more of my covers here!

Please email me for a quote.


Patricia Schmitt’s cover designs are consistently some of the best, most romantic and eye-catching art on the market today. Her use of color and her talent for creating sensual, dramatic designs makes her a stand-out artist, but she is also a pleasure to work with. Flexible and prompt, professional and courteous – I can’t recommend her highly enough.” — Lara Adrian New York Times Bestselling Author


“Working with Trish is a dream. She’s incredibly responsive and intuitive, and I never fail to be amazed at the quality of her work. I love her!” — Larissa Ione New York Times bestselling author

“I was so impressed with Patricia Schmitt’s art, I asked her to design a few things for my online properties and I was blown away by the results!  She is mega talented, delivered everything within my time frame, and provided the keen artistic insight I needed.” — Gena Showalter New York Times bestselling author


“Patricia Schmitt’s covers are not only eye-catching and unique, they’re favorites among readers. Fans email me all the time to tell me how much they absolutely love the covers she’s done for my Eternal Guardians series. Her covers not only reflect the characters I write, but she also manages to capture the feel of the books, which isn’t easy to do. Personally, I couldn’t be happier with the covers she’s done for me and am thrilled to be working with her.” — Elisabeth Naughton



“I love working with Patricia Schmitt! Her covers are gorgeous and garner a lot of praise from readers, plus she’s absolutely wonderful to collaborate with. I’m very proud of the covers she’s created for me and plan to be working with her for a long time to come.” – Sylvia Day, #1 New York Times bestselling author


Working with Patricia was an absolute pleasure. She is an amazing designer—creative, professional, and prompt.” — Cynthia Eden USA Today bestselling author


“Trish has done several book covers for me in paranormal romance and historical romance. She translates my descriptions of what I’m looking for into effective, visually descriptive covers in two very different genres. I rely on her ability to gently let me know when I’m making a poor visual decision or just creating the right artistic elements to make my covers stand out. I highly recommend her work.” — Carolyn Jewel


“When I want a hot, sexy and highly artistic cover created quickly and with deep professional care, there is no one I trust more than Trish. Simply put, she’s the best!” —Laura Wright, author of the Mark of the Vampire series


“She is easy to work with, prompt, and always meets my requirements. Her covers are beautiful, eye-catching, and a definite asset to my novels and novellas. I’ve been very happy with her artistry and work ethic.” — New York Times bestselling author Anya Bast


“Patricia Schmitt is not only an amazing cover artist, she’s a dream to work with. Professional, courteous and delivers her product on time”  Juliana Stone


“I have had the pleasure of working with Patricia on seven book covers ranging from paranormal romance to urban fantasy. In that time I have found her to be prompt in returning emails both before and after I became one of her clients. Her work ethic is undeniable, as her covers always come to me well before the deadlines that we agree on which means I never have to worry if I will have a cover in time. Not to mention that the sheer talent she has in producing covers has, in my opinion, been a massive factor in bringing my books up in the sales rank; to the point where I am able to write full-time.

As I have worked with a number of other artists in the past, I’ve found that working with Patricia showed me just how professional, skilled, prompt and genuinely interested in producing the best work possible all cover artists should be.

If you are considering hiring Patricia for one, two, or a hundred covers I can, without reservation, recommend her to you. I truly believe that I have been blessed to find her as a cover artist and would be hard pressed to find anyone who matches her talent, skill, and dedication to the craft of creating beautiful, marketable books.” — Shannon Mayer


“Working with Tricia “Pickyme” Schmitt is always a pleasure. I’ve been a fan of her work for several years and feel fortunate to have her as the cover artist on my Heat Wave series. If, the first time around, I’m not completely satisfied with a cover, she doesn’t make me feel bad about asking for something different. She just jumps right in and works to nail down the perfect image. We all know a book is judged by its cover, and Pickyme gives me awesome covers that get my books noticed! ” — Alannah Lynne



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