Author Cover List

Here is a list of the authors I have worked on a cover for either through a publisher or as an Indie client.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Lara Adrian

J.R. Ward

Donna Grant

Lora Leigh

Elisabeth Naughton

Larissa Ione

Laura Wright

Darynda Jones

Jennifer Lyon

Monica Burns

Christina Dodd

Gena Showalter 

Nina Croft

Opal Carrew

Nicole Burnham

Mary Wine

Jaymie Holland

Terry Spear

Cherry Adair

Sylvia Day

Anya Bast

Lydia Dare

Caris Roane

Stacia Kane

Juliana Stone

Carolyn Jewel

Liz Maverik

Tes Hilaire

A.C. Arthur

Julianne MacLean

Alexandra Ivy

Virna DePaul

Leigh Evans

Angie Fox

Christine Warren

Dee Carney

Calista Fox

Evey Brett

January Rowe

Shelly Aikns

Lara Nance

Traci Bell

Berinne Rae

Kinley Baker

Cindy Young Turner

Leanna Renee Hieber

Tracy Farrell

Shannon Mayer

Rebecca Royce

Ann Mayburn

Rusty Fisher

Bill and Susan Hayes

Marie Rochelle

Paige Bennett

Kendal Corbitt

Teresa Roberts

Alyssa Morgan

A.C. Nixon

T.A. Ford

Sienna Mynx

Alice Sharpe

Alexis Harrington

Barbra Edwards

Rae Monet

Caridad Pineiro

Sharon Donovan

Chris Fornwalt

Jennifer Schmidlin

Giner Hanson

Laura Kaye

Layna Pierce

Laverne Thompson

Roz Lee

Alice Gaines

Morgan Kearns

Theresa Scott

Catherine Bybee

Rachel Lynne

Em Petrova

Alexis Ke

Kim Faulks

Teresa D’Amario

Alison Moore and Honor James

Susanne Saville

Mary Eason

Cassandra Ullrich

Debra Smith

Campbell O’Neal

Robyn Roze

Debra Glass

Paisley Smith

Cynthia Eden

Alannah Lynne

Cathy Duke

Susan Stielow

Julie Bale

Delilah Devlin

Ashlyn Chase

Julie Blackstone

Deborah Camp

Kym Grosso

Lexii Callahan

Ellis Carrington

Sara Ramsey

V.K. Sykes

Darcy Burke

Tina Folsom

Bella Love

Danielle Monsch

Laurie London

Kieran Kramer

Zoë Archer

Keri Arthur

Christy Reece

Brenda Trim and Tami Julka


4 thoughts on “Author Cover List

  1. Your covers are absolutely stunning, Love them. I ‘ve been drooling over them for quite some time and a few of the authors you’ve listed are personal friends of mine. I hope one day I’ll be able to have you design a cover for me.


    Erin Simone, Author

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