My Cover Art



This is my first LOVE, I truly am so happy to give authors and readers a perfect cover. I know how hard the author works at the book, and how a cover can make or break it. I have and currently work with the following publishers professionally since 2010, St.Martin’s Press, Sourcebooks, Carina Press, Crescent Moon Press, Phaze as well as various publishers under Rae Monet INC, Design. I also have worked with many self-publishing authors.

To view examples of my work please click the link below.

** I am adding all my cover work to this page **

To see a list of some of the author’s books I have done covers for click the link below.

** My Author List**

To view client feedback please click the link below.

**Client Feedback**

To request a cover quote please email me at:

Or fill out this contact form here:

*** I do normally need a month to two months advance scheduling. ***

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