My Silly Thoughts, Random Post

Hide and Seek

Tonight I had some grief over this post. Was stated this might sound very “Jerry McGuire-esk”  Mission Statement and all. So I deleted it and apologized  to anyone who thought this blog post was anything other than what I was intending.  NOPE not at all all how this is. I am not trying to “shake” things up. I am not trying to come across arrogant or hurtful.  This is just how I feel. My stupid little opinion. So you know what? Screw it! I am keeping it up. 🙂  Because.. yep, that is how I Roll! 😛 LOL

I don’t often write my thoughts down on my blog. I felt the need to state this after reading another blog entry last night.

*******Mrs. Sylvia Day brought up a good point, one that I should have stated in this post before. I agree that when working through a publisher the author and artist should not have contact during the cover art process. The statements I am making below refer to after the cover is completed and up for sale. *******

Often we as cover artist are expected to be the silent force in book sales. We are to sit back and pat ourselves on the back in quiet. Well, there is and never will be anything quiet about me. I can’t help it. That is who I am. I am coming up on my two year cover art anniversary. Yes, some would say I am a newbie. I am. Yet, this newbie has worked on many covers and worked with many publishers and authors. So I feel I am qualified to give my thoughts on the industry standards.

Cover Artist and Photographers DO help sell your books! We invest our time and talent for your book. I know that for myself, I promote your book just as much or MORE than others.  We WANT to sell your book! Artist are so proud to be able to help you reach your readers. I personally love the authors I have worked with and for. I have a personal investment in helping you spread the word on your book.

I can’t tell you how often I have heard this: ” I would never have picked that book up if the cover was bad.”

PEOPLE JUDGE YOUR BOOK BY ITS COVER! whether that is wrong or right. It is the truth.

I recently received an email in which the person told me a story about how much my cover art influenced a sale.

She stated that she picked up the book based on the cover. When she got home she realized it was the same book she passed on the first time it was released because the cover on the previous release was so bad. She enjoyed the book, but if the cover had stayed the same she would never have bought it. Now she is a fan of the author and will continue to buy her books.

I don’t think that authors intentionally dismiss cover artist. I don’t think that the industry by a whole looks down on us. I just feel like we are some times not given enough credit for what we actually do for the sale of books.


At conferences I have registered for. There normally is a place you can state letting them know you are part of the industry. Not once have I seen in the pull down tab. Cover Artist. Oh there are blogger tabs, and librarian tabs, agent tabs, and editor tabs, etc. Why no cover artist tab? NOT COOL!

How many authors actually know who did their cover art? Not many. I talk to a lot of authors, consider many dear friends. There are many who had no idea who did their cover art. THIS MAKES ME SAD. Do you know why they did not know… because once again we are expected to be silent and not put it out there for the authors to see us.

When I started out, I wanted to learn more about fellow cover artist. I realized very quickly. They are often no where to be seen. It was hard to find them. Often they were not even credited in the book. THE HORROR!! So I put myself out there. I want fellow artist to not feel ashamed of what we do. Plus, this is just me… I am chatty. I get a kick out of interacting with other readers. It totally helps me with my job. I get to know what readers like and don’t like and do my cover art accordingly.

I believe there is much more to being a cover artist than just putting a picture to your book. I believe we should help market and promote your book. I think that we should link it up on our social sites. We should shout to the world when it is on the shelves at the book stores: LOOK!! This is a great book! Also, I did the cover art. So now you MUST buy it now or feel guilty. LOL When we do these acts, be happy about it! Let us know you appreciate it. Don’t makes us feel like we should hide or stay silent. It is demeaning and makes for one very unhappy artist. No one wants that! Trust me! 🙂

In the end, this is the way I feel about my role I play in the successes of a book. This is just my opinion. The way I go about my job. Other artist might have different feelings. I just wanted to state how I feel about promoting books and being kinda… In Your Face… not hiding. 🙂