Tornadoes F**king SUCK!


It has been one week today, when I woke up to one of the worst telephone calls ever.

On Monday Jan. 23, 2012 my Mom called my cell phone at 4:15 am. All she kept saying is “We have been hit!” The phone kept going in and out, I was still half asleep and did not know what she was talking about. Although the panic and fear in her voice is something I will NEVER forget. The call lasted about 40 seconds before it hung up. In that time, I figured out what she was trying to say, although the call ended before I knew if anyone was hurt! My Mom lives near Birmingham, AL with my Brother, Sister In Law and my special needs heart condition nephew. I quickly turned on the TV and saw the news radar, saying there was a tornado warning in her area. It was almost a full 10 minutes before she called back. When she did, she was still fearful and panicked. She told me that they are OK and my brother was out trying to help people out of their homes they were trapped in. I was shaking so bad, I had to go throw up. My nerves have never taken a hit like that, and I pray they never do again!She told me that my SIL Terri woke up around 3:30 am for no reason and decided to look at the weather radar. Thank GOD she did! My Bro and SIL sleep upstairs, if they were still in bed when it had hit, they would have been killed. During the 30 minutes before the tornado hit, my brother had gathered up supplies, threw them into the closet along with cushions. Then, went out side and beat on every neighbors door he could to wake them up. I know for a fact he saved one man’s life. He is amazing! Then ran inside, when he heard silence, nothing, no wind.. no sounds. He knew it was coming. Dove into the closet on top of my Mom, SIL and Nephew. My Mom said they could feel the walls shaking and felt like the house was lifted then set back down with a loud BOOM! They waited 30 seconds and my brother went out to see what happened. He came back and told them, they were hit bad and that he wanted them to stay in the closet. He could hear neighbors screaming for help.

During the hours after the tornado devastated their home and subdivision, I was losing my mind. I wanted to drive down there right then, they are 2 hours south of me. My Mom said the roads were not passable and I had to wait to go down there. I just NEEDED to hug them and know they are OK. Finally, on Wednesday I was allowed to go see them. I went to pick up my MOM and her 2 cats ( who did not make it into the closet during the tornado) and bring them up to my house. I had seen pictures of the area, but was NOT prepared to see it in person. There are not words to describe the utter chaos and destruction. Whole houses gone… just gone..

It is AMAZING only 2 ( one too many) people lost their lives. Now, it is time to rebuild. So stressful, sad, and agonizing. I ask that you please pray for my family in this time and for the entire community that has been impacted. Thank you! God Bless!

You can read about the storm here :

Before and After, this is my brother’s street. My Mom’s blue car is in the picture below on the right, half way down the street.

From the air.

Pictures of his subdivision.

My brother was also interviewed on HLN and CNN here is a link to that video

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18 thoughts on “Tornadoes F**king SUCK!

  1. Oh my Gosh *Hugs* It is terible- i went through it when my son was 18 in oklahoma abig one hit a friend of his called mee and asked had i saw the news the town my osn in was completly wiped out- i was freak no phone lines no nothing- $ hours later he called that he was safe but homeless! then we went through one here where i live- missed me hit sons home yet again!1– hopeyou family is all well and safe!!

  2. Bless you and your family, and especially your brother for going outside to wake the neighbors. I’s so happy to hear everyone is fine, including the cats. I hope they can all find a permanant place to live soon. Keep pushing on! Your art brings smiles to faces.

  3. I can’t even imagine how terrifying it must have been for your family…and then for YOU, knowing something happened but not knowing how bad and not able to get in touch. So glad that your family is all OK!

  4. I have been saying a prayer every day for your family and those close to you. It scared me to death to know you could have lost someone. My heart goes out to those in the area.

  5. How terrible. I’m sorry your family has to suffer such and ordeal, glad they are all safe. Sending prayers their way

  6. I’m in the Birmingham area too, but we haven’t been hit. We’ve spent a lot of time in the basement over the last year. And I’ve been scared more than once with the way the basement door was shaking.

    I’ll be thinking and praying for your family!


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