My Dream


Whew…… where to start.

My hubby just woke up and squeezed me, asked ” Why can’t you sleep? Are you excited?”

Yes! It feels like Christmas morning for me. Which it is Halloween, so that is weird but still. I am going to tell you a little back story about me and my goals and dreams.

As you all know, I have always been a huge romance reader.  My favorite author… and yes, I am going to say favorite! I know that that now I am supposed to be PC but I am going to say it anyway, is Sherrilyn Kenyon. Her stories always drag me in. They are so complex, emotional and just “do it” for me.

When I started pushing to do cover art, my ONE goal was to have the honor of doing a cover for her! Period.

I went to RWA in 2010. I was sitting with my room mate and a couple of other authors, when one said, ” Do you know who that is behind us? That is the V.P of St. Martin’s Press eating over there!” Of course I choked on my pasta. I put my fork down and told them in a shaky voice…. ” I have to go talk to them.” I sat there, thinking, can I really do this? Do I really have what it takes to bring my portfolio over to them and make myself known?!! I noticed Sherrilyn’s editor with them. I had seen her in person one other time at a signing, but I was too chicken to go talk to her. This time, I HAD TO! This was my whole reason for being there!! So, on shaky legs and a frog in my throat, I walked over to them an inroduced myself. Amazingly, her editor graciously went through my portfolio then! She was so nice and even the V.P. was interested in my work. She told me that she would send my name onto the V.P. of the Art Dept. (As it turned out, I had already become friends with him on FB. He is such an Amazing man! He is so supportive and whenever I get to finally meet him in person, I might kiss him to death.)After I excused myself.. I ran outside and called my hubby. I was crying like a baby!! Even Christina Dodd came up to me and asked if I was OK?! I told her I am crying happy tears.  A little while later.. I had a cover opportunity with SMP!   *** dies***

That magical day came when I opened my email and there IT was!!!!!!! A cover assignment for SK! I literally think I blacked out.. I felt a whoosh of blood and then nothing! My hubby came over and read what was on the screen. He squeezed my shoulder and said You did it! I cried for 3 days after.. no really, silly, crazy, I can’t even believe it happened cries. ( yes, I am a cry baby! )

Now, as this is the eve, I can go and see it on the shelves… I am crying again!! I can’t sleep!

So when you buy that book tomorrow.. think about this story of dreams that come true, how apt for a Dream-Hunter book!!!!

I have since had such an amazing career to be able to work with the best authors in the biz, and the AMAZING support of all my friends.. not fans… friends!! Hugs to each and every one of you!!!!!!!!!!!!




14 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. What a great story! I’m sure SK’s will be good too 😉

    The cover is beautiful — elegant and enticing — and your story of a dream come true is so inspiring, not just because you are talented and hard-working but because you believed in yourself and had the courage to go make it happen.

    I’ll take that to heart as we head into NaNo season!

  2. YAY! That’s so awesome.

    Know what my dream is? For you to do a cover for me someday! I just love all of your work. Absolutely beautiful! 😀

  3. Love you “Picky” ! So happy to have shared part of this journey with you. You are an amazing person and talented artists. Your work ethic and passion for what you do is a testament to the person you are and where you will go with this adventure. Much love!!!

  4. I love this story, Picky. It’s amazing and inspring to think that you just walked yourself over to that table and *got* your dream. You went after it. That takes guts and I love that about you. You truly are an inspiration!

    And this SK cover is one of my favorites of your work. It’s beautiful!

  5. So happy for you. If I could draw, which I can’t, an SK cover would soooo be my goal too. Also the book itself was fantastic one of my favorite to date. Go you!!!

  6. Right after I read this post, I was at work and saw someone reading The Guardian and had to share that you also did my cover. I just had to brag about you.

    I’m happy everything is going well with you and your career. Happy holidays.

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