How I Feel Lately


I am in a weird place lately. Just not acting like myself. I deal with a lot of bullshit daily, and never try to complain about it. This weekend, I just had one of those, I want to just be done with it all days. It has not happened before, and hopefully will never happen again. So, if you were on my Facebook page and saw me flip my lid. I am apologizing for that.ย  I know most of you understand and allow me to go a little nuts sometimes. ( aren’t artist supposed to be eccentric? ) Everyone does at some point right?! LOL I am however coming to realize why most artist are reclusive.. It is not in my nature to be withdrawn, so I am sure I won’t take the recluse attitude on. However, I might not be as peppy as usual..

I have not done artwork based on my emotions in a LONG time. This one is…


18 thoughts on “How I Feel Lately

  1. Aww babe, You know you can call me anytime right? And we’re entitled to those moments. I feel that way sometimes as well about our blog. Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it. We’re woman and that’s what I blame it on lol. My phone line is always open… call me anytime. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Picky,
    babe I know we talked a little already, but you have to know you are WILDLY loved by all… Sending you good & happy vibes……… You know where to find me if you need a set of ears to vent too…
    Love ya tons girl.

  3. *boo*…sorry..I get it. It’s hard sometimes. I love the pic shows so much emotion..but peaceful at the same time. Hope the storm clears….*hugs*

  4. It’s a beautiful image. What’s more beautiful is your ability to sculpt hard emotions into art.

    You can always wait to create the next frame in the series. You know, the one where she rips off the tape and roars, and the tears turn into crystal throwing stars which she uses to eviscerate the naysayers.

    Wait, am I projecting? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Its ok, I think we all have days like that. When you just want to tell everyone and anyone to take a flying F and leave me alone. I totally understand.. I love your art and you are an amazing young lady..

  6. We love you, especially when you live and breathe your art. Just remember to eat real food, get out of bed, take a shower, and most importantly… love yourself. Take some ‘me time’, and take care of yourself.

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