My Silly Thoughts, Random Post

How I Feel Lately

I am in a weird place lately. Just not acting like myself. I deal with a lot of bullshit daily, and never try to complain about it. This weekend, I just had one of those, I want to just be done with it all days. It has not happened before, and hopefully will never happen again. So, if you were on my Facebook page and saw me flip my lid. I am apologizing for that.  I know most of you understand and allow me to go a little nuts sometimes. ( aren’t artist supposed to be eccentric? ) Everyone does at some point right?! LOL I am however coming to realize why most artist are reclusive.. It is not in my nature to be withdrawn, so I am sure I won’t take the recluse attitude on. However, I might not be as peppy as usual..

I have not done artwork based on my emotions in a LONG time. This one is…

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