Because I need to say it!


Here goes, and I hope I will be able to sleep tonight after this post.

This morning I woke up to the most wonderful, random comment ever! My brother wrote this:

I am Tricia’s brother. SIS, I am so proud of all you have accomplished. You are a good friend, a good wife to my brother in law and about the best mom anyone has ever seen! I am blessed to have a truly wonderful person like you in my life. And since we are related, your stuck with me in yours!
To all the fans out there, I will let you in on a little story about pickey… she got that name as a very young child. It was just something that happened. As she grew it became a name that fit so well! So she never lost it. She is pickey, she wants the best and demands that of her self. She is not stuck up, but has a good evaluation of her self worth. I have seen her art develop through the years and having the computer as her newest medium has allowed her to express her true creativeness.
Trish, you are a very talented and a good person. I love you! ( WAR EAGLE ) p.s. mom says I should tell the story of ” Princess Pickey Poo” lol, that should raise some questions… lol I’m still your brother.

Now.. back story, he has not always liked my art.. to say the least. We have very different taste, and I never cared ( too much) to each is own. So for him to actually go out and compliment me in such a way was a shock and Blessing! Made me feel so special to be his sister!

Tonight: I received a random Email from my Grandma, a woman who I have ALWAYS looked up to and respected my whole life. When things were at my worst in my life, she was always there to love, encourage and guide me. 

Email Subject Line: Broken Heart

Message: Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

That was it. So I of course called her. It went on to how disappointed she is that I am not giving God the glory through my art… how sad she is… Whoa!

I have never been so hurt, hearing this from a woman I respect. I left the phone conversation saying it is OK, but in all reality, it is not. I am still crying as I type this, hence me having to get it out…

I want to clarify a few things.

I believe God is WHY I have the talent I do! I have NEVER tried to shame HIM or my family. It is through his Grace I am the woman I am today. It is through HIM that I am blessed with the most wonderful loving husband ever and the most beautiful, healthy children. It is through HIM that I place my trust, love and faith that HE will provide for my family and friends.

Yes, I read Paranormal Romance! Here is a little secret! GOD is PARANORMAL!!  He is SUPERNATURAL, and to believe in HIM is to believe in the Supernatural!

You CAN NOT believe in GOD and not the devil. Sorry.. but that is the way it is. You can not believe that Angels exist with out the Demons!

Reading about that and what could play out in a realm, I can not see as a human, makes me think deeper on God’s infinite creativity!!

I read ROMANCE…. God is LOVE!! Read Song of Solomon chapter in the Bible, tell me that is not a sexy, steamy, sweet, perfect romance story! HE wrote that to guide us, to have that LOVE with our partners. It is HIS guide.

I have never in all my life denied my love for GOD!

I do not normally feel the need to state my personal beliefs to the masses, but in this instance I do. I am not a judgmental person and never push my beliefs on others. That is NOT my place and never will be. I love you for who you are and how you carry yourself as a person. No matter what your religion, political, sexual views are. That is LOVE…. judgement is NOT.

So in closing ( I sound like a lawyer! LOL ) Please, never think I intentionally try to offend anyone with my art, or my statements.

Take me for who I am, and how I conduct myself with you, please. Thanks!



47 thoughts on “Because I need to say it!

  1. First of all “big hugs” to you, I am so sorry you were hurt by what your grandma had said. Second all I believe your art and your talent is a gift from God. Its beautifully and tastefully done. I also agree – to believe in God is to believe in the supernatural.

    Hang in there we do love what you do and if you need to let it out some more remember we are here for you as well.

  2. I have never thought of your work anything but truly amazing! You are so right God is LOVE!! We all have difference benefits, we all have family that feels we are never doing what is right in their eyes.
    I grew up believing I was nothing but a dumb blond.. my family never thought I would be anything more than just a wife with a herd of children. I grew up and met the most wonderful man in my life, married him and he helped me over-come that idea that I was just a dumb blond. Now I run a web-based business and run circles around them with the web knowledge I have.
    What family think they are saying means well, but in truth it hurts, it really hurts. We can let go what others say when they are not family.. but when they are?? Its hard, it really is. The best thing you have to remember that your grandparents come from a different age, and what they think is wrong, well when they were young was. But that was then, its not now.
    Judge Not so that you are not judged.. Your work is so amazing, your work helps others sell what they are wrote. Don’t ever let anyone hold you back ok?
    OMG I sound like a mom huh?
    Thank you for such a heart opening post.. You are loved..

    • Hugs! Oh don’t blondes have more fun, I seem to have more fun when I dye my hair blonde for the summer 😛 Look at you! So excited you followed your dreams and now you have a career you can be proud of! WTG! Thanks for the encouragement as well!

  3. Picky, I loved your explanation of God being supernatural. I have always felt my love of all things supernatural was somehow linked to my spiritual nature but I had never thought of Him that way, so thanks for that!

    Family has the ability to really hurt us, but you have the power to draw the line between their beliefs of you and your belief of yourself. I’m so sorry your grandmother’s words hurt you they way they did…I think I would feel exactly as you do right now. But I can also see, as your brother even mentioned, that you very clearly see your own self-worth. Don’t doubt yourself, girl 😉 *hugs*

    • I think that is why I am drawn to supernatural reading as well! If you think about it, GOD is SO creative and who am I to limit His ability to make a vamp, or were! 😛 Thanks Syd for the wonderful support you give me every day! It means so much to me! Big Hugs!

  4. i like ur brother’s comment!!! lol. oh!!! u need to read the carpathian novels and the ghost walker novels feehan has out! im DYING to see u do some serious wallpapers for those books!!!

  5. Hugs to you. Family comments regarding our art linger the longest. This is something I struggle with as well, but at the end of the day I know I’m providing a message of hope to my readers, regardless of what my extended family (may) believe. Your post was beautifully written and very well said. And though it’s only a small consolation, I for one am so very thankful for your God-given talent!

    • ((( Elisabeth ))) I often wonder how many author struggle with that problem. It is the hardest to take it from people who SHOULD always support you. I love your writing so much! It always leaves me with such a wonderful feeling! U rock! Thank you for you friendship and support! MUAH!!!! Can’t wait till next Tuesday!!!!!! YIPPIIIEEE!!!!!! I get to caress TEMPTED cover! WOOT!

  6. Your work is beautiful and you are talented and doing so many successful things. You are the person that is driving it and I’m glad your brother finally commented on it. Your work should be something that you want it to be – it doesn’t mean you don’t believe or respect god if you don’t do religious pictures. keep you head up

  7. I believe God has put the Cay### blood through dialysis, filtered out all the crap and given us the best of what’s left. Good thing too. I said what I felt yesterday morning about your work and you.24 hours has jot changed that. I love you!!

  8. Oh Tricia! My heart totally goes out to you. Family can sometimes be so cruel, especially when they think they’re “helping”. If you’re looking to respond I suggest Romans 8:1 followed by a little Matthew 7:1-2.

    If some people had there way all art would be modest and boring. Michaelangelo’s David would have pants on and painters would only paint pictures of Sunday School groups having picnics in sun filled valleys, while unicorns and sad clowns pranced around.

    God gives each of us talents and gifts and it takes the bravest of us to embrace and use these.

    Keep up the good work!
    Ps. Your post was fantastic!

    • HA! Could you imagine David with clothes on… ugh… LOL Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person and friend! One day we WILL get to sit and meet! Can’t wati! Hugs! ( oh and clowns and unicorns are just creepy )

  9. The first thing I ever saw in your work was God. They are so beautiful and filled with love, and that only comes from one place. No one can hurt you like your family. They know exactly where to aim. Your brother sounds like a good man, that loves his sis very much.

  10. Your work is beautiful. And yes, it IS a God given talent. Anything we do is a god given talent. I believe in God with All my heart, and I love to read paranormal. It’s just for fun. God is for real. You are truly blessed. Keep up your wonderful work. God bless!! Tell your brother WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!

    • Oh ROLL TIDE! LOL he said War Eagle just to rib me, we are def. not on speaking terms during Football season! LOL Thank you so much for your kind words! Hugs!

  11. Left you a message on FB but wanted to leave one of support here, as well. You have a great perspective and you do realize that your talent is a gift from God. That’s what you need to focus on. Through your art, you are honoring Him! Love you!!!

  12. Want to say thank you all soooooooo much for your understanding, love and encouragement! I am battling a headache right now, but I will get to each of your comments ASAP big hugs!

  13. Our parents and other relatives can be the most hurtful because they feel they have the right. YOU have the right to your own beliefs…no matter what they are. NO ONE else has the right to question your beliefs, or say that “their way is the right way”. This goes for EVERYTHING in your life. And WHO SAYS that GOD is male????? Only a Goddess could be as loving. Love yourself first, and don’t stress about the other stuff….you are a beautiful, talented, sensitive woman and we love you for your art, but most of all for yourself.

  14. Grandmothers, you have to love them and ignore their generational lectures. My grandmother could be the most loving woman but she could say things that would hurt or offend when she thought it was for “someone’s own good”. I always put her comments through my “generational” filter and then I’d gently respond.

  15. Trish, I can’t begin to know what is behind the insensitivity of G’ma, but do stop a moment and think forgiving thoughts towards her. She is likely dealing with something painful in her own life and is projecting . . . That passage from Matthew is really comforting when we sing it to ourselves as a nudging reminder to ourselves, but coming from another it feels like a condemnation of sorts. I am just lately initiated into the romance and paranormal sisterhood and I did go through a tiny struggle with allowing the worlds of the paranormal into my daily life. But if I can embrace Harry Potter and not be “harmed” then bring it all on! And one of my guilty pleasures is to admire your work—-you are SO talented and have a very gifted touch. Keep up just what you are doing; your talent is a gift from God.

  16. All I can say is..I could not have said it better myself when you spoke the words about judgment. I have actually spoken those exact same lines myself. How we choose to exist in this life is up to us, and the only rules are the ones we decide to follow, not the ones forced upon us. Keep your aura bubble in tact and in a healthy color by just “smiling and waving” that judgment away. (Penguins of Madagascar are the smartest cartoon characters around).

    • HA HA ….. You didn’t see anything….. LOL Sandy, your support means sooo much to me. You always make me smile and feel all squishy inside! Big Hugs!

  17. Aw, Trish…((((hugs)))) I’m so sorry. I know how badly family can hurt you. Especially when there’s judgement you didn’t see coming. For the record, I believe in God, but not the devil (I’m spiritual but not religious) and I had my best friend of 25 years turn on me because of her religious beliefs. I’m still struggling with it.

    More hugs, and sounds like your brother is awesome!!!

  18. Ack…I was in a hurry to hit the comment button and forgot to add that I think you’re an AMAZING artist. Clearly, you’re doing what you were meant to do. My belief system tells me that we’re all here for a reason, which is to learn, and therefore, there are no true mistakes, because everything happens as it’s supposed to. You were supposed to be an artist, and your talent proves that. Love ya, girl!

    • LOL…. I do that too, that damn send or return button!

      Sorry about your friend! 😦 That is why I try to never judge other’s beliefs, who is to say who is right?! Not me..silly woman to have lost such an amazing friend as you! Her loss! You are a truly loving person, even if you think you are not! LOL I know better…. Thank you so much for always being there to encourage and support me! It means more to me than you know.. * said in a stalkery voice* lol
      One of my all time highlights was to get to finally meet you in person. U ROCK!
      Love ya!

  19. Picky. Oh, Picky. You are amazing. I don’t know what else to say. It is what it is. But I suppose I could add (Lols) that the judgement comes when someone loves you so much. It’s just not something she can understand. But I know she loves you!! Just like all of us. I know how hard it must be though.. no matter how much support you have. It’s a terrible sting..

    • I know she does. You are right about the generational thing as well. Thank you Laura for being such an awesome, sweet friend! You make my life better in each and every way. Love ya!

  20. Wonderful post Pickyme! As a God loving woman myself, I too find myself defending my love of Paranormal. Many judge what they do not understand. Your art is a portrayal of all that is beautiful in this world. God has blessed you and you have acknowledged him in all that you do and have. Best of luck to you!

  21. Trish, you are one of the dearest persons I’ve ever met. The hurt you must have felt at your grandmother’s statements breaks my heart. Like Laura said, it’s just something she can’t understand. She sees it one way and from that narrow definition of what love and religion is, she can’t understand how much love and praise is in your work.

    You are talented, girl. Period. And God gave you that talent. I truly believe that. You have chosen not to squander it and to share it with the world. How much more grateful for such a gift can one get? Your brother nailed it. You are amazing!

    • ((( Darynda))) Now I am tearing up happy tears. Thank you so much for you friendship and support! It means so much to me. Yes, I understand where it was coming from. I just felt the need to tell my side of why I do what I do. I love ya so much! * big squishy hugs *

  22. Trish, first off HUG!!!! Second I think Grandmas just have to have thier say and we move on. This isn’t as hard to take like what your G ma said but I remember going to pick mine up at the airport once and being so excited to see her. Well she looks at me and says “Your hair looks like a lawnmower hit it” OOOOKAY ouch! It was 1989! But anyway I love your art and obviously so do alot of people so don’t quit! Love ya!

  23. I don’t think I could say anything that has not already been said; your art IS beautiful and your talent AMAZING. All I can ask is “HAS GRANDMA SEEN YOUR ANGELS!?!?!?” You have created some of the most glorious images of his messangers I’ve seen anywhere, bar none! And who are we to say they don’t have their own magical love stories? Your blessed to see through the veil….. Maybe some peoples real problem is that they can’t imagine there IS anything behind that veil?

  24. Hey,
    Don’t worry about anything Grandma has to say against you. She is far from perfect herself. My mom just forwarded a joke to her through the email, and she came back with how not funny it was and how my mom should forward it to the pastor of our church to see if he thinks it’s funny. There are certain people who in Grandma’s eyes will never do the right thing. I don’t visit her too often because I got tired of constant criticism. While your art work is not my “cup of tea” I don’t deny that you have a great talent. You do what you feel you must do and don’t let people like Grandma bother you.

  25. So I read this a couple days ago and I am a super slow processor sometimes but at about two o’clock a.m. I’m playing boggle online. Something I do when I am just thinking or have super bad writers block and I thought. God made us in his own image how can “any” celebration of that form be a waste of the gift he has given you? Every time you put pencil to paper or pixel to whatever (No understanding of how digital art is done) you celebrate God as we were made in his image. Just saying.

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