My Silly Thoughts, Random Post

Did you know? AAD CON through my eyes..

So, as you all know, I am NOT a writer. I won’t be able to put down my whole trip in story format. But here it is in a nut shell… all the deets!

Did you know Lara Adrian

• Can shake her ass off to some ” Baby Got Back”?! or that..

• She is the most LOVELY woman I have ever met? That is the only word that I can see to encompass her as a person.

• Or that she is actually pretty tall? Of course everyone is tall to me, but she has the model/dancer frame.. lovely again!

Did you know that Larissa Ione is…

• really that pretty in person? I mean Flawless skin…jealous! 🙂 or that…

• she is a huge Star Trek fan? and has great aim with a laser gun? oh and can..

• Dance her ass off too?!

• Or that she can make you feel so comfortable to talk to that you feel like you have known her forever, and woke up in jail next to each other at some point in your friendship?

Did you know that Dakota Cassidy really is…

• that funny in real life?! She has literally made me Laugh My Ass Off.. I think I have a few pieces laying on the street in front of the hotel.  or that…

• all that hair is REAL! Beautiful!!!

• Or that she has the most sultry voice ever?! Think Kathleen Turner…

Did you know that Alexandra Ivy is…

• one of the nicest people you will ever meet?! or that..

• her eyes actually sparkle when she smiles… she is THAT nice!

Did you know that Stella Price is

• really is a tiny bundle of awesomeness?!

• Or that she can hold it together during frustrating times, and make you feel comfortable and special?!

( can’t thank you enough for the best time I ever had! Thank you for all your hard work! )

So many authors I had the great pleasure to meet, I can’t list them all because, really…too many! But I do want to say thank you to them for making your readers feel comfortable and special! It really means the world to us!

To all my online friends….. THANK YOU for coming up to me and letting me meet you and make life longs friends! U rock!!!! Much, Much Love!!

Now on to some little random did you knows…..

That if you leave your room service tray in the hallway after midnight, some one will come and eat the left over Buffalo Wings?

If you talk for 3 days straight, you WILL lose your voice.

If you thought you had enough books already, you will find about 50 plus more you NEED to read ASAP!

That you won’t have to buy a new pen for years? I mean I think last count… 50?! Oh and do NOT get me started on the bookmarks!

That if you walk out to a Philly street around 11 p.m. , you will see the most.. interesting (scary) people?


Random Drunk chick in the blue! LMAO! Oh and this was 3:30 a.m.! 

Or that if you are in an elevator with 3 gay men, who just came out of a love fest, you will be treated to a show, fit for porn?

Or that if you take pictures of a man being arrested in the hotel, the hotel security WILL make you delete the evidence?!

Room mates really can snore in tandem?

That you can have breakfast with a naked man in front of you?

That you will find something to laugh at, be awed by and just have the best time of your life at AAD?!!

Omg! I forgot to put the most important did you know? In my blog post!! If you turn around and see a woman with her pants down bent over a tatoo table…. Look away, far far away! Lol how could I forget?!

BTW… I did a video interview in that corset! EEEkkkkkk

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