Just a little this and that…


I haven’t posted in a while.. here is what I played with this weekend. Trying to take my mind off of all the loss around me. My area was hit hard by the tornadoes and I am just……….


12 thoughts on “Just a little this and that…

  1. I love a man who smokes a cigar! The other guy could be shy….what is he hiding…hmmm??? As always both pictures are just magnificent. Thank you for them, I know you have had a lot to worry about.

  2. Hi, I’m from Brazil and I find your work amazing!!!! I’m sad about the tornadoes things, I hope you’re doing well.
    The first time I saw your wonderful pictures wat at that chat with Darynda Jones, in JR Ward chatroom. OMG, that pictures……. *sigh*
    I found them sooooo incridible that made a post on my blog talking about you work. I hope you don’t mind, but if there’s any problem about it, please, let me know, will you? Here is the post link, if you want to see by yourself.

    You really rocks, congratulations for you work!!! I love it!!!

  3. Suelen!! Thank you SO much! I saw it last night by random! Some people translated it for me! You are so sweet! Thank you!! I added a link up on my Pickyme Face Book page! Hugs!

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