My Silly Thoughts

WOW! Yep it is real!

Today, cause it is after midnight:

One year ago, I started stating on FaceBook every night before I went to bed a little daily affirmation. I am sure my friends thought I was nuts! Why does she keeps saying it over and over again?! Well.. I believe that if you speak it.. put the words and intention out there. The powers that be ( God ) hears it and blesses you.

Pretty much it went like this: ” One day I WILL be a cover artist and make a kick ass cover for a publisher.”

It happened! God has blessed me with some talent and 90 plus covers later, He still blesses me. Thank you!

He is part and so are YOU! Thank you for the wonderful support! I can never say how much the daily comments, emails and text mean to me. I swear I pinch myself every morning! With out YOU I would be nothing. Love you.. Trish

Random Post

Laura Wright’s Release PARTY!

I just LOVE being part of the Romance Community! We always seem to be so supportive of each other. Maybe because at the heart of it all is LOVE. It comes first.

Like last week for the operation auction on Ebay, SOOOO many people donated their time, money and support for Fatin! My package earned over 200 dollars to help support that family. Can’t get any better than that example, of how much the romance community gets behind each other!

Also last week, I picked up Larissa Ione’s new book Eternal Rider.

I was FLOORED to see my name in the acknowledgements! She is so damn sweet I could eat her up! LOL The book was fantastic!!

Now this week, I am so damn excited for my friend Laura! Her book Eternal Kiss releases on Tuesday!

She is throwing a party over on her Facebook Author page! I was humbled to be asked to participate! Anything I can do to support her I will. Just love that chick… oh and her books freaking ROCK!

I got to read EK already and I am telling you, I didn’t put it down until I was finished. I fell in love with Nicky and Kate! You will too!!

So here is the AWESOME line-up for tomorrow!
7 a.m. Teresa D’Amario
8 a.m. Regan Hastings
9 a.m. Joey W Hill
10 a.m. Jennifer Lyon
11 a.m. Nalini Singh
12 p.m. Pickyme
1p.m. Alexandra Ivy
2 pm Meljean Brook
3 p.m. Larissa Ione
4 pm Lisa Valdez
5pm Darynda Jones
6 pm Jacquelyn Frank
7 p.m. Lara Adrian
8 p.m. Deena Remiel
9 pm Laura Wright

Everyone is donating some kind of cool prize ( wonder if I am eligible to win any? LOL )

Can’t go wrong with this line-up! So head over to her FB page tomorrow.. Find some new fave authors and let’s party and wish Laura a fantastic release day!!!