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Untamed Highlander!

10 days!!!! You all know I love and adore Donna!.. ( plus I have had the honor to do the cover for her upcoming release ) So.. on release day I will be holding a little drawing on my FaceBook page! Stay tuned! Now if you haven’t pre-ordered sexy Hayden’s book… Get to it!!!!!!!!

Here is a little inspiration:


My Silly Thoughts

WOW! Yep it is real!

Today, cause it is after midnight:

One year ago, I started stating on FaceBook every night before I went to bed a little daily affirmation. I am sure my friends thought I was nuts! Why does she keeps saying it over and over again?! Well.. I believe that if you speak it.. put the words and intention out there. The powers that be ( God ) hears it and blesses you.

Pretty much it went like this: ” One day I WILL be a cover artist and make a kick ass cover for a publisher.”

It happened! God has blessed me with some talent and 90 plus covers later, He still blesses me. Thank you!

He is part and so are YOU! Thank you for the wonderful support! I can never say how much the daily comments, emails and text mean to me. I swear I pinch myself every morning! With out YOU I would be nothing. Love you.. Trish