Random Post


It really just HITS me!! I mean, I know that my job is cover art… I know that it helps to sell the AUTHOR’S book. That is why I do what I do.. I love authors.. They give back to me everyday.

But…….. every now and then, I just get completely overwhelmed at the scope of where I am today.

I went to my favorite local bookstore ( the owner is so sweet!!) She holds an RT mag. for me. This month, I have seven covers in it! I know to some people, they are like what is the big deal.. but to me.. in my little Pickyme world.. THAT is just………………….. AMAZING!!

My hubbs and I talk about my career a lot, and he has always supported me. He told me when I started this crazy journey that I would be where I am, this fast. I didn’t believe him. I know how hard and competitive this business is. I told him not to count on it for a while… well, 80 something covers later in less than 10 months.. He was right!!

God has blessed our family, and I just felt the need to say how THANKFUL I am TO YOU… my supporters, To YOU the authors, TO YOU the awesome publishers, TO YOU the amazing design teams I have had the honor to work with. I love you all from the bottom of my heart: YOU have made a dream, a reality! Thank you!!!!!