Re-reading Demonica Series this week


Every book I have picked up this week has done nothing for me… I think it is because I really want to read

Can’t wait!!

So I am re-reading the series from the beginning.. I forgot how much I love Tayla! She kicks ass!!


16 thoughts on “Re-reading Demonica Series this week

  1. I’m on Lore’s book now. Pretty good considering I just started the series about a week and a half ago 🙂

  2. Exactly how I pictured her…perfect! I know..I sent this series to my friend otherwise I’d be rereading too…but I’m rereading BDB..which is also just as delicious:)

  3. Tayla was the best! The way she takes E’s heart, it is the best story. for them both to discover the dual nature of how they can love something other than what they are and what they believe. She was such a great character, you really have captured her perfectly, she is so sexy here!

  4. absolutely LOVE this series …. I found it in between BDB book releases and now I wait for Larissa Ione releases with just as much impatience! Great rendition of Tayla it’s perfect!

  5. Hey girl….I just finished this series and it is awesome. I have been recommending it to all my friends who read.

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