The deal….


So here is the deal. I am a HUGE reader and just all around fan of my fave authors. So when I read a book, my muse gets happy and I want to try to show my friends and other fans what I see through my art. I do this for FREE… to help promote the book, the author and encourage more people to pick the book up. If I am excited about a book, I want you to be excited too! I DO NOT sell fan art. I know it is copyrighted to the author, the characters are their babies.. I totally respect that.

Yes, I am a cover artist, but I do not have the time to read every book I do a cover for, nor do I promote every book I do artwork for. If I happen to receive a cover commission for a favorite author, you will know it! I can’t help but scream to my friends.. this is a book to read! If I am friends with the author, then even more so. Really because I know they are awesome inside and out.. and would treat you the reader/fan with respect and love. They are humble, excited with the readers and all around grateful for each and every reader/fan they receive. If they are my friend, they should be yours too!

Now, there are some authors who seem to take for granted their fan base. They forget who got them where they “are” now. This makes me sad…….. upset…. and all around cranky.

On the other hand, there are some books I just really love, but the author is one of those “take for granted” types. This is where I have a huge conflict… Book -VS- Nasty Author…. I have to battle my muse who really wants to make love to the characters, and my heart that says… NO do not help promote them. Normally the muse wins.. the bitch…

This time though…….. I am putting my foot down. From here on out…….. If you see any “fan art” it is because that author, is an all around great person, their book is fantastic and you really need to buy the book.

Sorry about the little rant, but I felt the need to put it out there… I am a very honest person. You all know I never talk bad about anyone. Even now I won’t…. but I felt the need to express my stance on this issue tonight. Sorry if anything is offensive.



24 thoughts on “The deal….

  1. I know what you mean. I had a favorite author that I had followed since her first published work. When she blew up, she turned into a real snot. It influenced how I read her books. It was like loosing a member of my family. Very sad.

  2. You go, girl!!! Backing you 100%! If they aren’t respectful of their fan base….they don’t deserve the promoting…no matter how we love the characters. 😀

  3. Hey gotta stand up sometime somewhere. I don’t blame you in taking sides so to speak. That is just who you are. I love look at your renditions of the characters. So very good. IMHO

  4. I totally agree with you (and PS…I love your work!) Understanding who your fans are and respecting them should be the first step in being a successful author (or, in your case, digital artist…Illium is my wallpaper…yum! Speaking of which…we need more angels!) Do not let the biatches get you down…I wish I could do what you do (or at least have the chance to photograph yummy male models!) but alas, I am content to pretend I am a photographer with my 5 year old as my muse. But he is a cute one! 😉

  5. What you do and what the authors do to me is all amazing to me. You are both artists in that yo can create a picture with words or with drawings/color out something that was not there and shape our perceptions. I am always so amazed and humbled by the fact I have no talent in this area. So, by definition I am truly your fan base that you talk about in your rant.

    I see how much you love to read and I love to see the genuine affinity you have for the characters your muse creates from books you do know personally. Being that I follow your art, I see that you get a chance to meet many of the artists you either read (as I do) or over time get to cover. I think that it is great you get to make that connection. As in all things in life, it saddens me that there is artists out there that loose touch with the individuals who are important in their success. I am sorry you have had the misfortune to realize who they are because sometime, its just better not knowing.
    I think your decision to not promote their work speaks volumes about the person you are. I, for one, am proud of you.

  6. I have to agree with Wendy. My daughter and I went for the all day book fair in Ohio last year and I got to meet tons of my favorite authors. Some that I wanted to meet a little more then others and I got the chance to walk up to talk to one and I was so taken aback by her attitude. She was so snotty. Sitting there with her nose in the air like she was all that. I basically carried the conversation and when I walked away I was so upset and disappointed. I honestly don’t think I’ve read a book by her since. I just can’t seem to pick one of hers up.
    Pickyme, I love that you are true to yourself and express how you feel. We all need to do that now and then. Keep up the good work girl. We love looking at it. 🙂

  7. First off, your artwork is the reason I’m currently obsessed with Larissa Ione’s Demonica novels. I had never heard of her until I started following your work because I loved your representations of the BDB.

    As an aspiring author myself, I know you should *never* snub free promotion. That’s just a duh. Any author who snubs your work doesn’t deserve the promotion to begin with. So go you! 🙂

  8. OMG, who would do that to you??? You are SO generous with your time and talent. (((hugs)))

    Please know that I appreciate everything you do, because not only are you a fantastic person, but check out Tonya’s comment. Because of YOU I have a new reader.

    So THANK YOU!!!

    • After seeing pickyme’s representation of Wraith and reading the quote “You crack me up, human. I’ll let you keep breathing” I had no choice but to check out the books. Glad I did. I ❤ Wraith! You definitely got a new fan in me!

  9. Trish,
    I am sorry to hear about being put in that position. Unfortunately, the writing career isn’t the only career that does that. Doctors, Lawyers for example can have the same situation happen, but I totally agree. Sometimes in life we have to take stands that are hard to make. I commend you for this since I work both side (writing and photography) I understand where you are coming from!


  10. I love how everything goes around full circle. As I am reading the comments I also wanted to add that yes you bring us to the authors with your talented artistry but the authors also bring us to you. I discovered you through Darynda Jones…and then through your work I have seen some authors that I have never read(and have added to my goodreads pile) or the ones who I have been following (like Larissa Ione…btw kuddos to you Larissa for supporting your fans right back! I was beyond thrilled myself when you actually wrote me back when I sent you a fan letter and have since followed and posted on your blog) for awhile and say, “Pickyme did that cover…that’s totally awesome that they like her work for their books.”

  11. I have started reading series of books simply because of your artwork. I would have never even heard of some authors if I hadn’t looked your stuff! I think authors need to realise that their work sells mainly on word of mouth recomendation and thank you for the job you do.

    I, for one, hope you keep it up! especially any BDB or Larissa Ione stuff 😀

  12. You go girl… Authors really need to be nice to thier readers… Cause it would be WAY to easy just to stop buying thier books!!! But don’t worry Picky… We know who the good authors are!!!

    Keep up the good work my friend!!!!

    Kelly M

  13. I feel you picky…. I myself picked Up Larissa Ione, Lara Adrien and Donna Grant books because of your art pimping…Honestly do you really want to read a book from an author who doesn’t appreciate the fans…..I have dropped a few series because of this reason….and believe you me I don’t pass on the books they go in the trash..And the best part is I don’t pimp them …they get a BIG DON’T BUY THAT BOOK FROM ME….however the sweet authors make up for the few rotten apples…Muuah much love and keep up the steamy art work….

  14. I can’t believe someone would do that to you. You’re artwork is fantastic, and a great vision. Without fans authors wouldn’t have readers who gobble up each and every book they put out. Your artistry is fantastic and has made me want to read some of the books by authors I’ve never read. Ignore this idiots and keep doing what your doing. I can’t say enough how fantastic your work is, I sent my sister the link to your blog for the BDB pic you did yesterday, she’s now a fan too. Like the BDB you do these because you love the books, you don’t sell them, you’re not infringing on the author buy asking them to buy anything, and its free promo for the author.

  15. I agree with you. I love your work, found while I was looking for BDB pics.
    Fell in love with your site and have pick up many new authors to read thru your referrals.

    Keep up the good work, those authors should give you kudos, cause i’m sure they got alot more fans because of you.

  16. Thanks all for the support! I don’t do what I do for more “fans” of me. I do it because I am fan of the books.. Even if no one liked my work, I would still try to promote the books and authors I love. It is just in my nature to give back to those who give to me, through their writing, I get to explore new worlds and experience things I would never be able to if I wasn’t a reader.
    I just felt the need to state what I felt. Right or wrong.

  17. I remember this happening at my first RWA conference. There was an author I was SO excited to meet. She wrote so funny and light, and in my mind I imagined how she’d be in real life. (big mistake:) Well, she was awful. Cold – like March of the Penguins cold. She wouldn’t even look at me, and I’m standing there like a fool fawning all over her. I’ve never forgotten it, and never picked up one of her books since. Now, it could’ve been a socially awkward thing?? But come on, how hard is it to smile?
    Oh, Picky, I know it bruises a little, but lawd girl – you have so many fans and author friends who love and appreciate you. This is small potatoes in the big time that you’ve entered, you know?
    If it’s any consolation, karma’s always a bitch:)

  18. i’ve been loving your work. Honestly the artwork on a cover draws me in first to a book. If it’s a author i autobuy it doesn’t matter but otherwise when i’m browsing book that’s what grabs me first. I’ve seen alot of crummy covers but what i’ve seen of your work i’m pretty sure i’d like any cover you did. right now i’m sporting your BDB Rhage pic as my background. Shared your link with my friends. Keep up the good work. I don’t think anyone should expect you to promote anyones books you didn’t read and like yourself. I enjoy seeing your work and i thank you for sharing it.

    Lisa B

  19. It is your opinion, so of course you can have your say. You have not named anyone in particular nor have you dropped any hints so others can speculate. I think it is good that you have aired your emotions for whatever reason, especially as you did it so tastefully.

    • Oh And since i see Larissa here I want to’ send mad kudos her way for her Smart sexy demonica series. You Are a must buy now for me right up on my top ten list.

      Wendy M said it best , It is like losing a family member. Sounds dramatic but you almost feel betrayed because after all the emotions and happiness their written word evoked in you it turns out They arent the warm fuzzy people you expected to’ adore.

      For the record i have nothing but rave reviews for Lara adrian

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