Because I Freaking LOVE the BDB


I love love love The BDB… and can’t wait for Lover Unleashed to come out…

thought I would take some of my older BDB wallpapers and do a little treat for you all… Enjoy! :P!


31 thoughts on “Because I Freaking LOVE the BDB

    • Sorry, I don’t sell prints based on author characters.. I do this just for fan art and personal enjoyment 😛 I just like others to read the books I love.. so, I create these in my spare time..

  1. I love BDB too 🙂 Thanks for doing these! I have the group pic of the BDB that you did as my wallpaper. I think now I have a new one (Zadist) to put up.

  2. I enjoyed the first few books and I do enjoy your work…but I got tired of the Vanilla Ice-esque hip-hop dialogue. It seemed too forced for me. Which meant I could not enjoy the novels after Z’s.

  3. I really love the way you’ve shown each brother with their mate. hmmmm about Blay and Qhuinn….

    Oh! and I can’t wait until we see Payne and Manuel. Will it be Payne on Manuel’s back?…. hmmmm

    Love your work and appreciate your talent very much.

    Best regards

  4. I am a huge huge huge BDB fan…..I am reading Lover Mine right now. Zsadist is my favorite, however, all the brothers are great. Love love love this art work for the characters.

  5. Your work is brillant!! The best I think I have seen. I absolutely love JM and Rehv’s just has no words… the long coat and that leg *drool*. the others are great too! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  6. wickedesire I so love the brothers and you did a perfect job of them. Are you gonna do the fallen angels? I would like to see your intake of them

  7. I love your art work.
    Especially the Black Dagger Brotherhood.
    They are amazing.
    I was wondering if you would make me a personal one of Wrath? Please?

  8. who is the model that you used for John Matthew, V, and Rhevenge? I’d LOVE to know their names. You do amazing work. I love it!!! Please keep making more…like Manny, Payne, Qhuinn and Blay.

  9. I love the BDB and everything you do including for BDB takes my breath!!!You have come such a long way….so proud. Do you know of a digital artist who takes work? I had one to do a picture of my niece and a wolf but I lost her number…so mad at my self it was suppose to be xmas present. She even went out and had new photos taken for me!

    If you do please let me know teefreeturle 75 Thanks

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