Eternal Kiss by Laura Wright


the second book in the Mark of The Vampire series!

I absolutely LOVE those sexy Roman brothers.. This is just a little pressie for her based on the book. Nicky is well.. just one hot vamp :P!


10 thoughts on “Eternal Kiss by Laura Wright

  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Beyond beautiful, ethereal, exquisite!! Nicky and Kate would be all over this! Thanks Trish:))

  2. Thanks Savannah! Lori.. how cool!!
    @ Laura.. hee hee.. I made it subtle.. cause I know how u are about the brand thing… oh on her boob.. the other half of the lip 😛 … just gotta know where to look!

  3. Nice take on Laura’s work…The Roman brothers makes me want to float as well whenever I read her words. Nice to see it put into a visual so appropriately.

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