Random Post


It really just HITS me!! I mean, I know that my job is cover art… I know that it helps to sell the AUTHOR’S book. That is why I do what I do.. I love authors.. They give back to me everyday.

But…….. every now and then, I just get completely overwhelmed at the scope of where I am today.

I went to my favorite local bookstore ( the owner is so sweet!!) She holds an RT mag. for me. This month, I have seven covers in it! I know to some people, they are like what is the big deal.. but to me.. in my little Pickyme world.. THAT is just………………….. AMAZING!!

My hubbs and I talk about my career a lot, and he has always supported me. He told me when I started this crazy journey that I would be where I am, this fast. I didn’t believe him. I know how hard and competitive this business is. I told him not to count on it for a while… well, 80 something covers later in less than 10 months.. He was right!!

God has blessed our family, and I just felt the need to say how THANKFUL I am TO YOU… my supporters, To YOU the authors, TO YOU the awesome publishers, TO YOU the amazing design teams I have had the honor to work with. I love you all from the bottom of my heart: YOU have made a dream, a reality! Thank you!!!!!

Random Post

OMG… really well…

So, I went to the Kenyon signing tonight… I just LOVE her.. then.. had a Starbucks frappachinco umm.. not so good for sleeping.

Anyway, I was super excited to meet with her, cause I had the extreme honor to do a cover for her!

Really if I haven’t mentioned before how freaking fantastic ( lifetime goal) achieved… well it is! I adore her writing. ( you should too! )

My friends Steph, Barb and her friend and (my new one) Terra went with me… I got them started on Kenyon and now I have popped all their cherries on a book signing. 🙂 So fun to see the excitement they have meeting one of their fave authors.. nothing like it. We talked like hens on the way there, about fave characters and who are the best authors to read and love.

So.. while I was there, I FINALLY got to see my first big mass-market cover on the shelf! It came out on my B-day.. I went to every book store in 3 towns and couldn’t find it. So sad.. but tonight it was there!!! YAY!!!!

I did squealll a bit! ” Evil Ed ” ( Kenyon’s base on Bubba, said they heard me all the way back at the signing.. oopppsss but I couldn’t help it. It is REAL.. ya know?.. for the first time.. all the hard work I have done was in my face! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo…… the big news.. do you want to see me in the worst pic ever?!! LOL

My phone camera pic.. I was walking away.. and well Sherrie looks great, me not so much, but that is how I look so deal 😛

No making fun.. well, if you feel the need go ahead, but I am just happy to have the opportunity to meet with her!