Nalini Singh Awesomness!


Alrighty my next series recommendation is The Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh! It is SOOOOO good. You all know I have a “thing” for angels. So these books are just *sigh* ya!!

Her first book is 

Here is my take on Raphael : Love his sexy butt! LOL

The next book is

Here is my take on Illium! 😛

You can also find more fan art on her website!

You can’t go wrong with these books!! 😛


3 thoughts on “Nalini Singh Awesomness!

  1. Okay- I have read the Guild Hunter series and have been saying at the start when I 1st say your gorgeous angels they reminded me of this series, so I am excited you finally saw the “light”. 😉 Illium is one of my favorite creatures but I wish I cold see his hair in the art you did. Not complaining, as always- the piece is amazing.

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