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Nalini Singh Awesomness!

Alrighty my next series recommendation is The Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh! It is SOOOOO good. You all know I have a “thing” for angels. So these books are just *sigh* ya!!

Her first book is 

Here is my take on Raphael : Love his sexy butt! LOL

The next book is

Here is my take on Illium! 😛

You can also find more fan art on her website!

You can’t go wrong with these books!! 😛

Friday Free Wallpapers

This week’s odds and ends

Well, I have been So busy! Yay!.. But I do often sneak a few pieces for my own personal fun…

Then this is what the winner from Larissa Ione’s contest won from me… yum!


I read Angel’s Blood from Nalini Singh and here is my take on Raphael.. love that book!

And this is my take on The Scribe Virgin from the BDB…

and then just some Alpha male Wolf action….

Hope you all have a great weekend!