A little bit about me…


So, I have this blog, and I never really write about what I feel. Why have a blog?

This is not going to come out the way I see it in my head. I am in no way a writer and can never truly express my feeling with words, it is always been visual for me. I am still going to try.

Since I can remember, I have always devoured books. I was potty trained on them, seriously. I was reading by the age of three. Amazing I have the worst spelling in the world, but it is true! Ask my mom. She has pictures of me reading the encyclopedia at 3. Books just “do it” for me. No matter what I am going through in my life. I can always pick up a book and be right where my soul needs to be. I truly believe that God made words for that reason. While I was growing up, they never let me down. I could find the adventure I was craving or the romance, I knew one day it would be in my life. When I got grounded for something, you know what it was from? Books! My mom would come in and take them away, she knew I didn’t care about T.V. or toys.. take my books away and that was the worst punishment imaginable! It worked, I didn’t get in trouble too much growing up ( I did get a little sneaker and not caught though!)

Now that I am older, I realize what an impact they have on my life. When I was 21 I found out I was pregnant. I had a very hard pregnancy and my son and I almost died. My life was turned upside down and the ONE book I sought was the Bible. The Word, and it is still in my heart and still keeps me grounded. I wasn’t able to work like I wanted after my son. I get sick too easily to be in the workforce, so I focused on being a good mom and wife. I had my second son at 24 and went through a horrible pregnancy as well. That solidified, me not ever reaching my goals in the workforce. When I was younger, I had a great art portfolio. I always dreamed of being able to show the world a book from my eyes. After the kids, that didn’t seem possible. Life moved on.. I dealt with it.

Then a magical thing happened. I started connecting Online with a group of friends, that loved a series as much as I did! It was Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series. I started finding my artistic eye again, trying to capture the feelings her books gave me. I admit they were not good at first.. but you know what?! Lara, encouraged me. In little ways, just by saying.. ” Hey, that rocks!” Through her, I started to gain the confidence I had lacked for so long. It showed me that, Yes, the authors actually care about their fans! They want to interact as much as they can. So.. I started the long journey of teaching myself as much as I could about photoshop. It was HARD! I knew I had a good eye for composition and placement, but to execute it? Gah…. HOURS a day. I got addicted.

Then, as my skills progressed, I started working with photographers. Re- touching the models making them skinny, blemish free….. BORING! I had to take a good look at myself and say…. HEY! This is NOT what you wanted to do! I realized I was getting off track. Books.. it Always came back to books. So, I re-focused. I began to scour the book stores, not to read them, but to look at the covers. I would buy the book, and see if the cover gave me the same reflection the author had portrayed in his or her book. For the most part, the answer was no. 😦 So, I decided, to hell with what the cover shows.. I SEE the characters in my mind. Let’s use this talent for good, for us fans! Hello.. Character portraits. I started with Lara’s because I really connected to her writing. Then moved on to J.R. Ward‘s This is years ago when she still was able to connect to fans, and the one little message I received from her telling me that the artwork rocked, was enough to catapult me forward!

When I fell in love with a book, the character JUMPED into my head, and made love to my muse.. she told me.. get him out of my head and onto the eeer.. paper? Computer screen? LOL It was like I was home.. does that make sense? The more I read.. the more I felt at peace. I just love the connection I get with the character.. beyond the writing. So I did more and more. Along the way I have connected with THE MOST AMAZING authors! I thank God each and every day for putting them in my path!

Now, I can’t even begin to tell you the simple joy I get when I connect with an author. It just makes my dream book world so real. I have had the honor to call so many my friends. They encourage me each and every day. The support makes me want to scream to anyone who is there…. READ their books!! To try to list everyone I love would take days, but there are a few who just by being a simple friend, make my life more complete in each and every way. Laura Wright, Donna Grant, Larissa Ione, Rae Monet, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jennifer Ahsley, Alannah Lynne, LaVerne Thompson, Franny ArmstrongTeresa D’Amario and many more. Thank you for the encouragement, support and just well.. doing what it is you do… WRITE!  Love you all from the bottom of my heart!


42 thoughts on “A little bit about me…

  1. Oh hun…..you had no problem putting your feelings to words. That came across as beautiful and touching to me!! Sure not a novel, but you painted the picture very well. Thanks for the Share.

  2. Tricia, you are NOT a bad writer…I loved this blog and couldn’t stop reading it!! All I can say is Wow and how in the world did we ever live without the internet or cell phone back in the day??? LOL Keep making your HAWT men…LOL We love them too as your fans..cuz believe it or not you got fans just like the authors do…You DO ROCK!!

  3. I have only been a fan of yours for, well days. I saw your work during the fan contest giveaways Friday with Author Larissa Ione. But, I have to say that when I saw the Angels artwork, I was hooked!! You have tremendous talent and reading your blog gives inspiration to those of us who are struggling to aspire to be great at what we love. I am an aspiring writer and hope to one day publish something and have the great honor of asking you to do the cover. Keep up your faith and know that God is with you every step of the way and you are also adored by your fans. (New and Old)

    Kristy B. 🙂

  4. Hey Picky….I read this blog and realized that I am very much like you when it comes to the ‘I want to express what I see and feel with art’ thing. But my medium is fiber.All kinds of fiber,wool,cotton,metallic,threads,yarn etc. I love color it can be soothing or it can be vibrating. My art tells a story and whenever I create a needlework piece or a ‘rug’ hooked with wool I want people to feel and see what I see and feel. You were doing that when you first started,I recognized it right off. Saw what you were trying to say and with each new picture you put up I saw you getting better with each one. It is hard work and BRAVO to you for keeping at it.Many give up when it gets too hard to work it out. Those who dont get the need we have to express what we are thinking ,the determination, frustration, the tears, the criticism we have of what we create….well… they never will and will think we are nuts to be so giddy when someone says ‘Oh wow that’s just how I saw that character too’ But I get it and I know those little ‘wows’ are a major boost to keep you going. To keep trying to improve. I remember when you first started and the frustration you had and now I think you are throwing work out there that is changing the way people(the non writers,and those who need a visual) look at book covers and that is a very good thing. Keep up the great work! Never give up on what you love to do for anyone. You do it for you,improve for yourself,and be proud of what you make. Even if you dont hear others say good job or not. Its your way of expression and not everyone will get it but a whole lot more will…..So good job,dont quit and I am sending major hugs your way….Carol

  5. Thank you. that’s really all I can seem to think to say, is thank you.
    thanks for being such an inspiring person, thanks for being such an amazing artiest. thanks for sharing yourself with us, and being such a friendly person. so… yeah… thank you!

  6. And you say you can’t write? Wow, that moved me. Your passion, talent and love for the written word shows in everything you do. As a new published author YOU are my inspiration, my marker in this business to let me know I am making it is to have you do the covers for my books. Yea, I got the NY Times bestseller on that list too Lol!
    The journey you have so eloquently shared with all of us is so inspiring and heartfelt that it will be with me for a very long time.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Big hug – Shannan Albright

  7. Thank you all. It is so hard to write about how I feel, so I never really do it. But I did want to encourage anyone who has a dream, to keep at it, never give up. Your soul will sing when you find what it is. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life, in real and Online. It is those relationships that keep my moving forward! Thanks you all! Big Hugs!

  8. Morning Pic!

    Thanks for that – but you know it’s a 2-way street, right? Was about to say 3-way, but didn’t think that was appropriate:)
    I loved reading about how you got started. I had know idea.. and I had no idea that the hub was kinda put off at first..
    And btw, writing – the best writing – comes from the heart. That’s what interests people.. that’s just what this blog did:)
    Lurve yah

    • 🙂 Thanks Laura.. I think it is too early for a 3 way! LOL I dunno, I just felt the need to write that down.. yeah my hubbs was not to keen on me working with half naked men all day long! LOL But I do thank you for all your support! I luv ya!

  9. Hun, You do a great job of making the characters come alive. 🙂 I’m so glad to see you have finally found your way to what you want to do. 🙂 We are all blessed to see such beautiful art. And I agree with Laura, you did a great job telling your story.

    Hey, can you make me skinny? (Just kidding)

  10. What a wonderful post! I can’t imagine how you could have put down your journey in better words. It was beautiful. I’m so happy to have met you, and I’m constantly amazed by your generosity. Authors and readers alike are lucky to have you.

    Big squishy ((((hugs))))

  11. What a great post, doll. I’m so glad you followed your dreams, because it led me to become friends with you. You are an amazing, beautiful person, and I’m honored to call you friend.

    The fact my publisher asks you to do my covers is just an added thrill because your work ROCKS!


  12. What a wonderful blog!!! You are an inspiration….I too, began with Lara Adrian, then Christine Feehan, and from there I am addicted to all of the same authors you love……these books are addicting, my husband says, because I have my head in my kindle EVERY spare moment. Your success if our success, because we see the beauty of your heart on our FB pages….thank you for all that you do to make the world a more beautiful place!

  13. I have to agree with everybody else. There is nothing wrong with your writing. And your talent is awesome. Just remember that God is always in control.

  14. As Laura said, it’s definitely a 2-way street! You have no idea how much your friendship means to me. You also have no idea how this blog entry affected me, and my future.

    Two nights ago I went to bed thinking it might be time to give up on this dream and find a “real job.” You know, one that pays. LOL The rejections are piling up, I’m spinning my wheels, etc., etc., etc. Then I started reading your comments and thought, “But I can’t quit. I write. It’s not what I do, it’s who I am and I can’t quit on who I am.” When I came back and read it today, I realized I was one of the authors you’d listed at the end. *sniff*

    Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for being my friend!!!

    Love ya!!

    • Alannah, thank you for sharing that! I love you too.. Rejection is so much harder on us creative types, like you said, it is WHO we are not What we do. It is not like you got turned down at McDonalds. But DO NOT give up! You are so talented, witty and any pub who doesn’t scoop you up, doesn’t deserve to have you anyway! We HAVE to believe in ourselves! It is that belief in our talent that fuels our drive! If you love your work, then that is what matters! Big Hugs!

  15. What an incredible post! You words blessed me on this cold, dreary Saturday. They encouraged me to stop procrastinating and get on with following my own dream. Thank you so much! *Hugs*

  16. Great post. Okay I’m coming to the party late, but Tricia your work is just amazing. I can stare at your covers all day and find something new and interesting to draw me into the picture. You turn photographs in to works of art. I love your work you are an extremely talented artist and I feel honored to call you friend. There is a reason you survived and we see it in your covers. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


  17. I thought that was very well said. And I have seen your work and agree, you have found your calling in life. Congrats, because not everyone does! But what’s more you’ve found balance between answering the call of your talent and being the heart of your family, which is even rarer still. I have oodles of respect for you. I may be in the market for a cover artist soon (I hope!!) and will definitely be keeping you in mind 🙂

  18. Tricia, we only just found each other professionally, but I have ‘known’ you for a WHILE now! Truthfully, it started with your fan art and wallpaper for….yeah, LARA ADRIAN! I love Lara, I think Lara knows I love Lara, I KNOW my friends know I love Lara, lol. When I saw your fan art it just….HIT ME. Like YYEEESS!!! That is what Dante’ looks like! OMG! I love that picture of Rio! YAY! I had ‘you’ as my wallpaper a few years ago. 🙂 The fan art you’ve done for Sherri is SO much fun as well.

    And then, of course, I have been a fan of Donna Grant for several years and didn’t even know that connection with you. And LaVerne? Well, LaVerne knows I heart her, too.

    I’m glad to know your story. It is so wonderful to see that whole ‘door/window’ thing being honored by you in an incredible and beautiful way.

    GO TRICIA!! Keep making people happy by making yourself happy!

    Heather Bennett
    Decadent Publishing

    • Heather, I am SO happy we can meet “professionally” too! But really, I am just happy to make you happy, doing fan art brightens my day and hopefully yours too!! Oh and are you going to the AAD con?!

  19. Tricia!!

    I’m coming in late on this, but wow! What a touching, inspiring glimpse into your life and your art. I had no idea my books meant so much to you and your work. I’m so honored to be among your earliest fans! 🙂 I’m also very proud of all your success, and I wish you much more to come. Sky’s the limit, babe!


    Lara 🙂

    • Oh Lara, truly you started all this craziness that is my life now, and THANK YOU for it!! 😛 You know I love ya and your writing. Always makes me smile! But seriously, you never know by just being a nice person, and taking the time to respond to someone, what a difference it can make in their life. Thank you for being an awesome person!! xxoooxx

  20. I have seen your work on Gena Showalters site..just amazing!!! I haven’t always liked to read,as a matter of fact just in the last 3-4 years have I been reading daily.I think I might even try to write a book or start a blog, if so I would be honor to have some of your work on the site.I’ll get back to you on that.
    Best Wishes, Wendy

  21. I am Tricia’s brother. SIS, I am so proud of all you have accomplished. You are a good friend, a good wife to my brother in law and about the best mom anyone has ever seen! I am blessed to have a truly wonderful person like you in my life. And since we are related, your stuck with me in yours!
    To all the fans out there, I will let.you in on a little story about pickey… she got that name as a very young child. It was just something that happened. As she grew it became a name that fit so well! So she never lost it. She is pickey, she wants the best and demands that of her self. She is not stuck up, but has a good evaluation of her self worth. I have seen her art develop through the years and having the computer as her newest medium has allowed her to express her true creativeness.
    Trish, you are a very talented and a good person. I love you! ( WAR EAGLE ) p.s. mom says I should tell the story of ” Princess Pickey Poo” lol, that should raise some questions… lol I’m still your brother.

  22. Thanks for sharing your story. In fact it has inspired me to move forward to my career path. I love graphic design and was using it for a hobby. Now I am determine to do this not only cause I love it but because I feel a calling. Thanks to Gena Showalter for directing me to your website otherwise I would still be wondering in the dark on what’s my purpose in life. Now I got a plan and going to put it in action. Thanks again for sharing your talent to the world!

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