Happy Monday…


Yeah well, every morning before I start working on my cover art.. I do a warm-up picture.. this is today’s..

Really I must be a tad Bi-polar on Mondays LOL I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.. so here are both versions.. Enjoy!



7 thoughts on “Happy Monday…

  1. Oh my!!!! I love me some Angel. Thanks for sharing. Do you mind if I share this on my GoodReads acct? Remember me from FB. We had a convo while back. I deleted
    Y fB acct though. Just on twitter folloqing you.

  2. never realized how much color changes a mood. The first one, fiery, and dangerous. It speaks of violence, anger and revenge.

    The second, dark, moody. It speaks more of self introspection. Sadness, melancholy, and perhaps loneliness. Abandonment.

    Great work, as always.

  3. Holy Cow!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! BOTH OF THEM….leaning more towards.the first because I love the way you can see the detail around the waist….looks like you just wanna muzzle up, feel the silliness of it and then take a big bite! Yummo!!!

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