Feral Warriors!! purrrrrrrr


Well, you all know by now, when I fall in love with a series.. my muse kicks into overdrive, and has to get the characters out of my head. Well, my muse practically purrs reading the Feral Warrior series by Pamela Palmer! Oh MY!! So here is my little take on those hotties..

First book:

My take on Lyon…


My take on Tighe


My take on Paenther..

I just finished Jag’s book last night..

Here is my take on that naughty man.. oh yeah…

Now I need to get back to work.. happy Friday!


11 thoughts on “Feral Warriors!! purrrrrrrr

  1. The artistic take on the warriors is right on the money. I am always impressed with how well you can a character’s essence to life. Through their eyes, or the animals, or their bodies. I also am impressed with how well you capture the nature of the books you read. I love seeing you bring the word to life.

  2. I am a big fan of the paranormal romance novels and have been looking for a new series to read. I was browsing online and came across your site. So first I would like to thank you for finding a new series for me to read and second I would like to let you know that your artwork is wonderful. Keep up the awesome work. You can be sure that I will be back for more! 🙂

  3. OKay, T. You got me. I can see it in the art. Jag is definitely your favorite and based on what I am looking at he is now mine as well…but I am still holding out for Cougar. All I can say is you nailed his essence so perfectly. I can almost feel the growl of the cat when I look at the picture.

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