My Angels


What is it about angels that draws my attention?

For one.. I KNOW that they exist.. good or bad, God created them, and they simply are…

Vampires, may or may not exist.  I know in my heart angels do. The emotion I can portray when I set out to create an angel piece is always different.

Sometimes they lose the battle and a friend…

Or they struggle to save one human soul..


Or watch over the entire world…

Or the Underworld…


Sometimes they have to plead for us…


Or decide to break lose from everything…


Or simply.. BE.


In any case.. they hold my fascination and I will forever be on the lookout for my guardian..  Enjoy..



5 thoughts on “My Angels

  1. I think your angels are stunning and remind me of Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series. The series has some very seriously sexy angels in it, male and female, and your depictions here would match perfectly with some of her story lines. I think each scene and character you have portrayed is beautiful but I especially love the angels with the black wings.

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