Sherrilyn Kenyon Wallpaper Collection


Well, because first I ADORE the Dark- Hunter series!! Second, because whenever I have met Mrs. Kenyon she has been nothing but wonderful and gracious, oh and she likes my art * BONUS POINTS* LOL

As stated before… PLEASE do not alter, crop, use my art in banners, avies without my credit remaining  on them Thanks!


10 thoughts on “Sherrilyn Kenyon Wallpaper Collection

  1. I love the Dark-hunter series and the were-hunters. Talon, Nick, and Kyrian are my favorites in this bunch, you have done so much with the spirit that embodies their characters in these works.

  2. I just love your work. This is the first time I’ve seen it. I fell in love with the Dark-Hunter series just this year. Once I started with Fantasy Lover I kept going and made it through the whole series in just a couple months. After seeing your artwork I can say that you have really captured the essence of each character. Two thumbs up to you. Awesome job.
    Linda Young

  3. Your work is so great and it helps me picture the Dark Hunters and WereHunters a lot better when I read the books. ^.^

  4. Love the Art Work. I love SK books and I love the way you catch the characters. Did you use models or did you follow the discription in the books? Either way the art work is awsome!

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