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Highland Warrior Goodness!

First I have to tell you all what an HONOR itΒ  is to be able to create a cover for one of my most loved series!

Donna Grant‘s Dark Sword Novels!!

When I started out pushing to do cover art.. I set goals for myself. The top was to work with St. Martin’s Press. I generally love this publisher and the writer’s they have. So when I got that magical email asking for me to work on a project for them, I really did faint! Then cried like a baby for a day.. no really my friends thought something bad had happened! LOL Then, I was told who’s cover I was working on.. I got SOOOOO excited! I have created wallpapers for Donna’s warriors and feel such a connection to them, so it was just an added bonus that rocked!! I have to admit I got nervous, one I consider Donna a friend, and if she hated the cover, I might have crawled under a rock.. second, this is THE BIG TIME for me and my art.. but, I had a glass of wine, breathed deep and went into working on it…….. well here it is!!

The final text is not all on here yet.. but you get the drift!

I encourage you all to try out her Novels!! You won’t be disappointed!

Here are some of the wallpapers for your future yummy reading:

You can find more warrior yumminess on her website!

Random Post

Lara Adrian Collection


The Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian πŸ˜›

A MUST read!Β  Plus Lara is So sweet and amazing! I have done others for the series, but now I am in the process of Re-Doing them.. my artwork has come a long way since then πŸ™‚ Funny when you look back a year or more and go.. oh wow! I have improved! LOLΒ  Here are the ones I am semi happy with…

Friday Free Wallpapers

Larissa Ione Collection

First, I LOVE Larissa’s Writing Style!Β  The Demonica books are a MUST read!

I had the honor to create two book covers for her! Yay! She is the bomb!

You can find the first story here:

The second one will be up on Amazon sometime..


Now, this week I am doing TWO wallpapers for my Facebook Followers.. and they chose Shade for one of them.. so here he is πŸ˜›

Here are a few others I have created based on her characters.. Enjoy! πŸ™‚